Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Memory Shot

For those of you who need a dose of HTFU, may I recommend the Lighthouse2Lighthouse. It's a 2 day MTB that takes riders from Gansbaai (Danger Point Lighthouse) 85km down to Cape Agulhas Lighthouse. After overnighting in the pleasant Agulhas campsite you tackle the 98km back to Gansbaai the next day. The rule is that you are allowed the wind to aid you on one of the days. We had the wind against us on day 2 - and it was hours of murder! But I did manage to capture one memory in my mind that I won't ever forget: as we headed off the beach (that's right - there is quite a bit of sand riding!) Ethan ran alongside our group for some distance. Its not everyday that your son is able to run next to you on a race as unique as the L2L. This screenshot off my GoPro captures a part of the memory:

The Moose looks on as Ethan runs next to our group. We managed to end 25th overall...

Summer Ascent

Soon we won't need lights when we ascend! Summer is coming! Soon we will have these scenes again: (yes - that is the Oracle leading the way...)
Summer of 2012

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

The Lame Excuse Guidelines

We know why we ride. We love it. You can list the things that keep us coming back for more riding: the camaraderie; the banter; the speed; the fitness….its endless.

Over the years the Smooth Knobblies have also given a host of reasons why we SHOULD not or COULD not ride. Here are some of the Top Reasons Why We Could Not Ride:

The Oracles Weather Cock-Up: Chaps – it looks a bit iffy. I think I might go for a set of easy intervals in the spinning class…..

Wynands URTI (Upper Respiratory Tract Infection): My chest has been tight for 7 weeks…hopefully it clears next month.

Tony’s Legless Appeal: My legs are abso-lutely FU(KED!

Crackers Workflow Management Backlog: (Sent at 10:23PM) Guys. Too many folders to get through. Won’t make it.

Billy’s No Road – No Ride Stance: My MTB is in for a service (again? It’s been there for weeks now!) but if anyone is riding road?.....

Mandy’s Maneating Mantra: Ride tomorrow morning? I'm in. Yay! But I won’t be cycling….

Woody’s Checklist failure (after arriving): Would love to go, but I forgot my light/cycling shoes.
Twakkie and Moose win the “Least Days Absent” award.

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

The New Guy and Gav's Chair

We all know that Gorgeous Gav loves his spot at the head of the table. Its his chair. And has been for years. EVERYONE knows that - except when you're a new guy.
Of course, no-one is going to warn you to stay out of that chair because, quite frankly, there's no real reason NOT to sit there. Except that it's Gavins' chair (and that would sound like a strange reason if you had to explain it to someone new).
Well, a new guy did happen to sit in Gav's chair on Tuesday. Two-Tone didn't warn him. No-one warned him. We just waited for Gav to arrive because then Gavin himself would need to explain why this was his chair (and again - there's no real logical reason for this - its a territorial thing only).

 Gav approaches the table and gets a very troubled look on his face. Shaun is told that he's in Gav's chair - and there's much laughter etc. There are a variety of responses or thoughts that may well have gone through either parties head when the situation came to a head:

Scenario 1
Scenario 2

Scenario 3

Welcome Shaun....and now you know.